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As today, many cities are already facing housing crisis- that is the issue of housing affordability, which essentially comes down to supply of land, construction cost and having enough or the right type of supply. We aim to maximize limited space in dense urban condition and propose a modular construction system that is low cost and Flexible. 

The concept is to categorize living spaces into basis of  bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and common area and configure them base on the types of users. Using a railing system, units can be easily reconfigured based on different tenants. Curvature organic building facade integrated with MEP systems and maximized views while providing enough depth for shading. To compensate the restrain of small private living space, public common areas are stacked vertically throughout the building in forms of double height or various depth to foster social interaction between different user groups.


Location: Manhattan, NYC
Market: Residential + Healthcare + Renovation

Building Height: 60 meters
Total Area: 4500 square meters

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