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Handan eye is located in the south of Xingyue square in the park, including interactive vision tower, smart kiosk, green energy public seats, and sortable trash cans. which are the finishing touch in the overall planning of Longhu Park. It adheres to the planning principle of “one axis and one ring” of Longhu Park. The flexible layout of ring is highly consistent with the design language of Longhu Park to maximize the use of existing land. Moreover, Handan Eye as tip of the vertical extension of the “one axis” overlooks the whole park and handan’s skyline, improves the real estate value of the surrounding urban area, and together with the south area, provides a more diversified and unique space place / landscape environment for the Longhu Park and even the whole Handan city.

Handan Eye Park

Location: Handan, China
Market: Landscape, Urban Design

Max Height: 18 meters
Total Site Area: 4000 square meters

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