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Everything in nature is made up of components. It starts from basic components like atoms and molecules, and grows to bigger components like tissues and organs in order to construct a ‘live’ body. The artificial environment is quite the same. It all starts with basic components like points and lines, and grows to surface and finally construct a space.

We examine emergence and its relation to the formulation of architecture by using digital techniques in an opportunistic fashion for the generation of growth and evaluation of patterns in the development of form. In particular, this studio will examine part to whole organizations and its potential for architecture by offering the tools to create effects that exceed the sum of their parts.

Most part to whole organizations share common characteristics, including structure: defined by parts and their composition; and interconnectivity of the various parts of a system that have a functional, structural and spatial relationships between each other. In this studio we will give primacy to formations that are in variation, accumulative and subject to changes that may shift in spatial experiences, scale and materials. In addition, projects using digital techniques incorporate program, space, structure, and enclosure into a singular formation that incorporates a range of experiences and formal variations of gradated intensities and patterns.


Location: Tribeca, NYC
Market: Residential

Max Building Height: 35 Meters
Total Unit Number: 70

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