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The master Plan connected to the Jinan high-speed railway station area in china, the total site consists of 16.02ha. the center itself is divided into two volumes, an art museum to the south and the main building to the north, which includes a library, mass art museum, supporting rooms. The design was influenced by the local hot spring fountains, resulting in a dynamic shape that dips up and down. contrasting between straight forms and irregular folds, the dynamic structure embodies the rich history and culture of the city.

For the facade system, the idea is transferring the image of this spring into thousands of pixels, the exterior variations were generated through parametric modules. aluminum panels of different transparencies and sizes were assembled one by one, collectively forming the shape of the water feature. openings in these panels are positioned to maximize the building’s natural lighting and shading capabilities.

Jinan Cultural Center

Location: Jinan, China
Market: Mixed-use, theater, Museum, Library

Max Building Height: 150 meters
Total Area: 18 Hectares

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