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Group Pai wins Skyhive 2021 Skyscraper Challenge Competition

In the most frozon, endless area of that white world that once was Shanghai, and, more precisely, where the central business district once was, at about Pudong area, there stands the city. 
After the World War III, the material was extremely scarce and the value system collapsed. The nuclear winter, which has lasted for 50 years, makes human beings turn to the exploration and pursuit of the spiritual world. At this time, human consciousness could exist independently without the body. 

With the development of science and technology human beings have built up thousand meter high vertical cities on the ice land in a short period of time. Each tower is divided by three parts, which are called “The City”, “The Body” and “The Brain” from the bottom up. Consciousness is the only main “resident” here. For current human beings, the physical body is just a shell to restrain freedom…

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